Our Expertise

Orsay Consulting helps its clients increase revenue and improve profitability by exploring new business models and market opportunities, by building and scaling operations, and by continuously improving business performance.


We assist our clients in defining and executing a growth strategy that translates into profits.

  • Identify new growth opportunities, formulate the business plan and go-to-market strategy, and align people and investment with initiatives that will generate new revenue
  • Build digital and e-commerce operations from the ground up, continuously measure and improve their performance, and structure them for global growth (systems, processes and team)
  • Streamline the supply chain and digitize warehouse operations to serve clients at the lowest cost while increasing speed and robustness
  • Identify and action the levers of profitability to improve operational performance and increase the net income
  • Implement metrics and analytics to provide real-time visibility into business performance and drive fact-based decision-making


We reengineer and digitize processes to improve robustness, speed, and efficiency, laying the foundations for a high-performance environment.

  • Implement PMO, ensure focus by listing and prioritizing all projects based on cost, impact, and strategic relevance
  • Track project execution, ensure they are delivered on time and on money
  • Simplify, standardize, and digitize processes to improve robustness, speed, and efficiency
  • Implement metrics to measure operational performance and drive continuous process improvement
  • Streamline the supply chain and optimize ERP workflows to optimize costs and working capital
  • Deliver rapid operational and financial performance improvement in a context of business integration or turnaround