Our History

Orsay Consulting started its operations in Dubai in 2014 to help its clients grow their operations in one of the fastest growing regions in the world.


Operating in New York since 2016 and in Geneva since 2019, Orsay Consulting brings methodology and implements best practices from the corporate world to help its clients grow their operations and create lasting value.

We typically help small and medium-sized companies grow their digital and eCommerce operations and drive operational excellence through process simplification, digitization and optimization.

We also advise start-ups after a series C round, bringing structure, discipline, and methodology in finance and operations to structure the business for profitable growth.

Orsay Consulting brings actionable expertise, experience, capability, and a deep understanding of the local business environment and culture, to speed up growth and bring teams and operations to the next level.

We have years of industry expertise working for both start-ups and global companies in various industries, business environments, and continents.

We bring a fresh perspective and creative ideas to achieve performance goals in the most challenging environments.